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Days Viewer Opinions of Jensen

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I was getting bored of Day's when they decided to bring back Eric. Now I can say the show has improved 100%! He is fne and I must add he is one actor on the show that can actually act, and good too.

Jensen Ackles is a very positive addition to the Days of Our Lives cast. He is everything I ever pictured Eric to be. I just hope that the writers of Days keep his story lines exiting and they don't ever let him leave the show!

I think Jensen Ackles is the highlight of the whole show. Before he was part of the cast. it was a bit boring but ever since Jensen got on the show just got way more interesting! His killer good looks,just makes everyone else seem so dull! In the info given, and all that I've observed he will make an exellent boyfriend!

Jensen Ackles is soooooo hot, and he's a great actor, too. He's such a natural, and just fits right in with the cast. I hope he stays on the show for a very long time.

Love the eye's, sexy voice, lips, hair, mmmm what else can I say?? He's just so cute! Now if I was ten yrs. younger!!!

I just wanted to say that the wait for Eric was worth it. Jensen is a very nice looking incredible actor. i wish him the best in all that he does.

If I had to describe Jensen in one word it would be godlike. He is so hot! And his smile is so ....... cute! I would just like to thank anyone who casted him!


Jensen Ackles is SO fine! I've been watching Days for about 6 months now, and when he came on, I was like WOW, he's HOT! It's amazing, cause he seems like he's a really nice, cool guy in real life, too. I think Days is really fabulous show! Especially since Jensen is on it! I don't know what I'd do if he were to leave! But, that won't happen. My friends say I'm obsessed with Jensen, but how could you not be???

Wow! Jensen is a cool guy. He seems so calm and definiely all that. I bet that he's a really cool person in real life!

I think Jensen Ackles is a great actor. I just recently started watching Days. When I turned it on to see him on the screen, I thought this show is a good one. I've been watching ever since. By the way, He is so HOT! I can't wait until his love intrest is aired. I want to see a lot of bod.

My friends and I find Jensen to be quite something. He seems like a girl's dream date!! If Jensen ever reads this, I'd like to tell him that he is awesome and that if he ever has a girlfriend, she will be very lucky.

Jensen Ackles is the best thing that has happened to Days! He adds life, and he doesn't have the problems the others have. He's enough for me to watch!

I love Jensen Ackles!!! He is sooo hot and he plays good too! I hope he'll expose Sami's secrets or atleast help to expose them! Now I finally have someone else to look at besides the one I already love (you in the States don't know him). Keep Jensen on the show for As Long As Possible!!!! Atleast he is no male Sami Brady and that's why I want to see him as long as possible!!

I think that Jensen Ackles has a lot of potential in his acting. He sure does look great and his voice sounds cute too. Way to go Days for chosing such a talented and gorgeous actor!!!!

I think Jensen is doing a great job with the storyline of Eric Brady, I hope his dark secret comes out soon, I can't wait. On another note HE LOOKS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think he's cute!!! I cannot really give a real opinion on him other than physical appearance, as we all need time to get used to and get to know the character before we can develop a real opinion. His character is too shady and full of mystery at this time to have a true opinion. Other than HE'S A CUTIE!!!!!!!!!

I think Jensen Ackles is hot. He is a great actor and is gorgeous. I have to congradulate the Days people for job well done on hiring him. I hope they give Eric a good storyline and he stays on the show for a long time. I think bringing back Eric on Days was a great idea. Did I mention that he is so hot?

I think Eric Brady/Jensen Ackles is soooooo hot and a very good actor and he's one of my favorite characters because not many on DAYS are good!!!

Jensen Ackeles is such a fine young actor. He is such a natural. He works very well with everyone. I'm am so glad Eric is like Carrie and not like Sami. I think Sami is going to have her hands full with him around.

I like Eric I think he will be great on Days. I can't wait to see if he will expose Sami.

I have to write and say that I really, really like Jensen Ackles. I think he can really act. He came on and wasn't wooden or scared looking. He really looks comfortable in the role and I'm really glad they found him. A new character is a good thing too! It doesn't hurt that he is pretty cute, too!

Eric Brady/Jensen Eckeles------great addition to Days I really enjoy watching him!

I think Eric Brady is the hottest thing on DAYS right now!!! :-) I hope that he stays on the show for a loooooong time!!!

I absolutely love Eric. Not only is he cute but he's a great actor. Unlike the horrible job Days did lately with casting Jen and Austin, this one is a hit.

Answer to your Question about Jensen Ackles/Eric Brady he is a really good actor and he is HOT!! Does anyone know how long he will be on the show for??

I haven't been watching DOOL very long, and I never have seen Eric. When people started talking about him, I thought, oh no, another Lucas. When I finally saw him, WHOA... He is HOT!!! I was, like, mouth open, to my knees, and wide eyed. Hmm, now i have lots of reasons to watch DOOL besides Mike and Austin (and sometimes Bo, and JL king)!!!! I hope they have a swimming match, or like, a contest where they have to take off their shirts!!! : )

Guess what? I met Jensen today. He was in the daydream tour and came to my city. He is HOT in perosn. I got his autograph and he signed my t-shirt. He is awesome. He is so nice. Just thought you all would like to know.

Not only is he gorgeous, but he is also talented ,and he sounds like a great guy.

I have to say that Jensen is gorgeous! I use to never miss an episode of Days, now I read the spoliers and if Eric is not going to be on I don't mind missing the episode. I hope that Jensen is on Days for a long time!

Jensen is Hot and he is a good actor.

Jensen Ackles is SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT! Im really happy he is on Days. I love him so much!!!

Ooh, Jensen is so fine, and such a great actor! I was just lounging around mindin my own business when I saw him on DAYS...I am now a permanent viewer. Thanks, Jensen!

Jensen Ackles is the best looking guy on the planet!! I am absolutely in love with him. He seems so nice and down to earth. I know someone who met him, and she said that he is just perfect and looks even better in person! He's a great actor, too. What more could you ask for??? I LOVE YOU, JENSEN!!!!

I am totally in love with Jensen Ackles. The day I first saw him on DAYS, he made the other actors seemingly disappear. No other actor can do that. I am extremely obsessed with him, I mean, does any other fifteen year old have an imaginary friend that follows her around called Jensen Ackles. My point. Hopefully, as an actress, someday, I will be acting by his side.

I think Jensen is the best thing on days. I love Days and I've been watching it for a very long time, but sometimes it got a little boring. Since Eric (Jensen) came back Days has been better than ever.

What a beautiful baby!!! Does anyone else get the idea that Eric may be gay? What is the big secret that Eric is hiding. Please, writers of Days, please don't make him gay!!!!! Don't think that Days has to be PC at the expense of Eric Brady. I beg you. The funniest moment is when Eric called Sami out on talking to herself. That was a scene in the days hall of fame. Eric is the best thing that ever happened to Salem since Bo Brady.

Jensen is as perfect as any human can get! He is a fantastic actor and his looks are natural and beautiful!!! He seems nice and friendly too. Why doesn't he have a girlfriend, that I don't know!!!!!

Jensen Ackles is the hottest and most attractive guy alive. He is perfect in every way.

Jensen is a really cool guy. I went to High School with him and got to know him pretty well. He is a down to earth guy with a great outlook on life.

I was getting bored of Day's when they decided to bring back Eric. Now I can say the show has improved 100%! He is fne and I must add he is one actor on the show that can actually act, and good too.

Jensen Ackles is a very positive addition to the Days of Our Lives cast. He is everything I ever pictured Eric to be. I just hope that the writers of Days keep his story lines exiting and they don't ever let him leave the show!