Some other things about Jensen you might want to know:

Short Takes
Jensen Ackles (Eric) has landed an endorsement deal for national company Lindenwold Fine Jewelers, based in Canton, Ohio. It entails several photo shoots and a number of trips over the course of the year. He's particularly excited about an upcoming trip to Canton, the home of the Football Hall of Fame and its annual festival. Ackles will also attend the first game of the NFL season, in which the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. "I can't wait!" admits the football fan. "Lindenwold is also flying three of my buddies in with me. We're going to have a ball!"
Just Like Dad
How did Jensen Ackles (Eric) choose his career? Well, at one time he considered working in computers like his older brother. But then he decided to follow in someone else's footsteps. "My dad's done really well for himself as an actor," says Ackles, whose father, Alan, works in radio and commercials in the Dallas area, and has shown his son the advantages of his chosen career. "He was there for me when I was young because he was an actor," Jensen explains. "He didn't have a nine-to-five routine like other fathers, so he came to my football games and spent a lot of time with me and my brother and sister." Looking back, Ackles believes that he, too, made the right choice. "I see now why my father stuck to it," he says. "It's a challenging career, but it also gives you something very valuable - time. There aren't many jobs that give you that freedom."
Jensen Ackles (Eric), seen recently sporting a new summer 'do, likes the shorter hair because it's "easier to keep in the heat" and dries faster after post-game showers. Ackles fills some of his away-from-the-set time playing on the Hollywood Knights basketball team. Comprised of celebrities from TV, local radio, film and stage, the Knights play against local high school teams to raise funds for their schools. "Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) told me about the team," says Ackles. "It's great fun, and I like to feel I'm able to help out." Thyme Lewis (ex-Jonah) is a regular team player, too. Of course, once Jim Reynolds (Abe) heard of Ackles' hoop prowess, he immediately recruited him for the Days team that plays to raise funds for Reynolds' son's high school. Reynolds' wife, Lissa, heads the women's team that annually plays a quickie game during the men's halftime.
Up Close & Personal
Late Night With Jensen

It's midnight - do you know where your favorite soap star is? Well, Jensen Ackles (Eric), for one, is probably just getting to bed. Although his usual wake-up time is around 6 a.m., Ackles is a night owl who just can't get to sleep if he hits the sack to early. "I'll go to bed, but usually end up watching The Tonight Show," he admits. He adds that he's a very light sleeper and has to have a fan on in his bedroom to drown out annoying night sounds. "Cars in the distance - or even crickets - will keep me awake if I don't." Once he's out, though, he's really out. "When that alarm goes off in the morning, I'm in a deep sleep," he reports. "There's no way music will wake me up, so I have to set the alarm to the irritating beeping sound. That gets me right out of bed."
Jensen Ackles (Eric) recently experienced two big firsts - he visited San Diego for the first time and, while there, met his girlfriend Lisa's parents."We drove down from L.A. on Thursday night to beat the traffic for the weekend," Ackles says. "We got in kind of late, but her parents were waiting up. So we hung out in the kitchen and talked and talked until we all went to bed." The couple made it to the beach and spent some quality time with Lisa's family, but never got to visit the world-famous San Diego zoo. "We decided to stay away from the crowds," he explains. So, um, how did meeting Lisa's parents go? "They were very nice and receptive, so it was cool," the handsome young actor reports with a smile.
Jensen Ackles (Eric) picked up an unusual nickname on the set of Days after receiving his Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actor. "Everybody on the set has been calling me 'Nominee'," he reveals. "I don't have a name anymore - it's just, 'Hey, Nominee! You're on the set!' It's funny." Well, there are worse things they could be calling him, right? "That'swhat I've been told," Ackles concedes with a grin. "But they're having fun with it and so am I."
Love Status: My girlfriend, Lisa Rideg. She's a social studies major at UCLA and graduates this summer.
What's Your Sign: Pisces
Favorite Bedroom Attire: Silk boxers
Sexiest Feature: I get the most compliments on my eyes. They say there's mischief and knowing in them.
What Puts You In The Mood?: Candlelight. It's so soothing and relaxing.
To Feel Sexy, I Put On: A suave yet playful attitude. That puts out the signals.
Favorite Sexy Movie: When A Man Loves A Woman. There's a scene at the beginning when Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan pretend they don't know each other even though they're married. It was a great scene - sexy.
Sexiest Woman Alive: Ashley Judd. I'm a big fan.
Personal Definition of Sexy: When I'm feeling confident, when I know that the feelings are mutual.
This summer It's revealed Eric had a gay lover in Colorado..... say it ain't so!!! (from SOM)

Eric saved a young runaway from getting in trouble. Madison (played by Jensen's friend and country star Lee Ann Rimes)

Jensen Ackles (Eric) has been putting in many weekend appearances on the road - everywhere from Garwood, New Jersey, to Columbus, Ohio - but one upcoming trip will allow him to mix business and pleasure. "I'm going to Dallas," says the actor, who calls Texas home. "I'm doing some promotional stuff. I've got news interviews and I'm going to do Good Morning, Texas, Planet Hollywood and then I'm doing a big autograph signing at Nordstrom's in the mall. Then I have the rest of the weekend off." So what's he going to do with his free time? "I'll kick around with the family and friends," he says with a smile. (from SON)
Love Status: Single
Biggest Extravagance: Electronics of all kinds - stereos, TVs, computers, games, everything. Just don't ask him to fix anything!
Pets: A pound puppy named Dallas
Favorite Actor: Harrison Ford
Favorite Actress: Meg Ryan
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Food: Pasta, preferably with red meat sauce
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Vacation Spot: Colorado's Rocky Mountains. He loves to ski and hike.
Favorite Spectator Sport: Football
Favorite Participant Sport: Football and horseback riding
Favorite Junk Food: Granola bars
Favorite TV Show: Party of Five
Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting
Favorite Time Of Year: Definitely Christmas - the holidays, the cold, the lights, the spirit
Favorite Saying: "If it happens, it happens. If not, it wasn't meant to be."
Favorite Charity: Young Life. It's a Christian organization for high school teens, a youth ministry. They offer outings and ski trips, and have a camp.
Most Unusual Job: Except for helping his uncle with his moving company, he's never had anything but acting jobs.
Most Treasured Possession: A necklace. When his best friend was killed by a drunk driver, everyone in our circle had his initials tattooed on their ankle. Being in acting, he made a beaded necklace in his honor instead. It's blue, his favorite color, and black.
Greatest Fear: Changing who he is. Becoming too Hollywood.
Greatest Wish: To have a wonderful family of his own.
Pet Peeves: People leaving things out where they don't belong.
Professional Goal: The big screen.
Personal Goal: Falling in love, finding a life mate.
Best Personal Trait: Patience
Worst Personal Trait: Putting off doing his laundry.
Role Models: He looks to his dad a lot.
What Makes Him Angry: Running late, getting caught in traffic and being delayed.
If I Wasn't Acting, I'd Be: He'd be in school studying sports medicine.
Most Embarrassing Moment: He was about 13 at the time, doing a photo shoot for a catalog on the Southern Methodist University campus. The jeans were about three sizes too small, so they cut out the back and opened the leg - it looked fine from the front but the back was missing. Suddenly, the period bell rang, and students flooded out of every building as he stood there with my rear end hanging out. It was not a fun moment!

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