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Eric Brady's family

Eric Brady's History

Eric Brady is the son of Roman and Marlena, the twin brother of Sami, and half brother to Carrie since they both share the same father. Most of his family are good, loving people so he has great odds on being another do-gooder. He has been in Colorado with Marlena's parents for the past 4-5 years.

While Roman lay ill in the hospital, he told Eric that the one wish he wanted to come true before he died was to re-marry Doc. Eric swore he wouldn't tell Marlena, but felt he needed to. Marlena then told Roman that she would remarry him.

Eric felt that although Sami was his sister, she didn't deserve to be with Austin if she was faking her amnesia, so he assisted Carrie in finding out her secrets. Carrie and Eric went to the hospital and with Mike's help found out the paternity of Will, which ended Sami's marraige to Austin.

Eric dropped the book, The Partner by John Grisham, while exiting his plane upon his return. That may be a clue to us since the book was about a man who disappeared for the same amount of time. The man in the book had stolen 90 million dollars. He was very smart and sneaky about it. Could Eric also be a crook or guilty of some sort of criminal activity. Maybe he will be able to break Marlena and John up if he is as wise and tricky as the character in the book. He is staying with Carrie for the time being and trying to help other Salemites to learn the truth about Sami's amnesia. He appears to resent the fact that Roman left town because of Marlena and John's affair. He gets nervous when anybody asks about his life in Colorado and refuses to talk about it. What does he have to hide?

Eric told Austin that he would support any decision that he makes regarding Sami and Carrie, as he and Austin had a long and personal conversation regarding Austin's feelings. They barely know each other. Eric seems to give out trust very soon after meeting somebody which can cause a lot of pain in the long run.

Eric swung out at John when Roman and Marlena were on the verge of getting back together. Eric was incredibly mad with John, thinking that he was the one who had ruined his parents chances together. Eric seemed to forget that it was John who took care of him while Roman was away for most of his life, nevertheless, he blames John for taking Marlena away from Roman.

Eric became a photographer for Sami's Titan project against Kate's judgement. He appeared to have a crush on the model, Nicole, a waitress, but only time will tell what becomes of that.