Dee [eSoap/DAYS]: Hello and welcome to Days of Our Lives' Conference with Jensen Ackles (Eric Brady) ! I am DeLina Cruz ( "Dee" ), your host and one of the Soap Forum's DAYS Section leaders! I am very glad you've joined us tonight!!

Now for some background on our guest! :-)

Every once in a while, Hollywood is blessed with a very down to earth person, who is incredibly talented and just happens to be very good looking. Such a person is Jensen Ackles. Upon arriving in Los Angeles in July of 1996, Jensen immediately booked a guest appearance on SWEET VALLEY HIGH, followed almost immediately by a series regular situation on MR. RHODES, creating the role of Malcolm Butterworth. The demise of MR. RHODES only allowed Jensen to move to yet another level -- creating the role of Eric Brady on the ever-popular daytime drama DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

Jensen is excited about joining such a popular soap opera. "It's overwhelming and cool! I've started watching the show and getting the storylines down. I'm slowly but surely getting up to par." While attending an Actor's Workshop in Dallas, Texas during the spring of 1995, Jensen was noticed by two talent managers -- Craig Wargo and Gordon McCormack of Talent Management Associates, Inc. -- and an agent -- Michael Einfeld of the Robert Cosden Agency-- and as they say the rest is history. The trio encouraged Jensen to consider a move to Los Angeles after graduating high school to pursue a career in film and television. After much thought, Jensen decided to give LA a try and has not looked back since. Jensen is a graduate of Berkner High School in Richardson, Texas. His parents, Donna and Alan Ackles still reside in Richardson, along with brother Joshua, age 22 and sister Mackenzie, age 14. Jensen comes from an "acting family" where his father, Alan Ackles is a professional and has appeared on numerous episodes of WALKER TEXAS RANGER and DALLAS as well as movie-of-the-weeks, THE CHALLENGER and GUILTY OF INNOCENCE. Alan has done several national commercials, print and industrials films. Jensen began his Dallas at the age of 4 doing print work and commercials, including Nabisco, Wal Mart and Radio Shack, to name a few. Jensen played the role of Michael in "Wishbone," a series for PBS. While at Berkner High School, Jensen played the role of Tony in WEST SIDE STORY and Christian in CYRANO DE BERGERAC.

In his spare time, Jensen likes to play golf, go roller blading with friends, at the gym, or just to hang with his friends from Texas. Let's have a great time tonight!

Evelyn: Impressive!

Caren: Very impressive

Dee [eSoap/DAYS]: So when did you know that you wanted to be a actor??

Jensen Ackles: It didn't come as a decision. it just sort of grew on me.. when I got the part on Mr. Rhodes, I still wasn't sure..

Caren: is eric going to be like sami or carrie?

Shannon ;-): gee, hope that didn't hurt!

Kelly: LOL

Dee [eSoap/DAYS]: Well, don't have that growth removed

Shannon ;-): ROFL!

Jensen Ackles: it was fun.. then as the year progressed, and I got the part on DAYS, I thought, "If I can make a career out of this, why not?"

LUCY: we are glad you joined the family :-D

Jensen Ackles: Well thank you very much.. I'm very excited about it..they're a cool family to join!

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Shannon, you have a question?

Shannon ;-): Sure do Dee! Thanks!! Hi Jensen! I'm thrilled that you've dropped in tonight to chat with us! My question is , who do you like to work with most on the show, and why?

Jensen Ackles: Tough question..

Shannon ;-) oops, sorry! But is there one?

Jensen Ackles: I'd have to say Deidre Hall, because she's so experienced..

Mary: Welcome to the cast of DOOL!

Shannon ;-) Oh, I bet!! what's she like??

Jensen Ackles: she carries the scene so well, I just feed off of her when we're working together.

Shannon ;-) This conference is to be formal in nature. If you have a question, please type a *?* and you will be called on in turn. Please limit your turn to two questions each turn.

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Thanks Sha

Shannon ;-) you bet, Dee! :-)

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Eve, you are up.

Evelyn: Welcome Jensen, it is a pleasure to have a chance to chat with you! First off, I want to say you really held your own in your first scene with Deidre, and Drake. Were you intimidated?

Jensen Ackles: I was a little intimidated before I ment them, knowing that I was working with them first off the bat, but when I met them, they were very welcoming and very genuine and welcomed me right into the family and made me feel at home. It was easy working with them, but there was a little intimidation working with such established actors, hoping that I wouldn't bust a line in front of the queen of DAYS.

Evelyn: Well you came off like a pro!

Dee [eHost/DAYS] | Are you doing your own typing Jensen??

Stephanie [eDrive]: Tonia is typing for Jensen

Evelyn | LOL!!!

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Kel, next question.

Jensen Ackles Thank you very much. Couldn't have done it without my costars!

Evelyn: YOu are doing a great job so far!!

Jensen Ackles: Thank you!!

Evelyn: Welcome!

Kelly: Hi Jensen thanks for being here! How did you enjoy doing west side story and would you like to do more musical theater in the future? if so, which plays?

Jensen Ackles: I loved it -- it was a complete thrill to get up in front of 1500 people and sing in a lead role for the first timever. I was nervous, but I was very happy. It was a rush. I would love to do more. You can't just mess up and say "cut" and re-do a line.. it's all on the line. Oh gosh... off the top of my head -- Phantom, Les Mis, Miss Saigon, etc., etc.

Kelly: How about Grease?


Dee [eHost/DAYS]:Caren, you may ask the next question.

Jensen Ackles: I would love to do Grease!

Kelly: I hope u get the chance, thanks!

Jensen Ackles:

Caren: Hi Jensen,How do you like working with Christie Clark and Allison Sweeney? Which one do you like better?

Jensen Ackles: I love working with them..I haven't had a chance to work with Christie a lot, but both of them are very sweet girls. I would be content with working with either one of them any day.

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: | Diane, you may ask Jensen the next question.

Diane: Hi Jensen! Boy, that's a great name you have, especially for acting! ;-) Were you a watcher of soaps before now? Which do you like to act in better, soaps or TV?

Jensen Ackles: I didn't watch soaps regularly.. my mom watched AMC since I was born, so I grew up with that in the house. Primetime TV is a whole different ballgame.. daytime is much quicker, primetime is slower and you have comic relief in it. It's more laid back.. But I like daytime better because you get to establish your character better.

Diane: We're glad to have you on the soaps-thanks!

Kelly: yes!

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Lini, you have the next question.

Lini: Hi Jensen and welcome, I have not had a chance to catch you on Days yet, so I was wondering where has Eric been all these years? I do remember him being in Colorado but lost the rest. Sorry will catch the show the rest of the week

Jensen Ackles: Eric has been in CO living with his grandparents (Marlena's parents). He's been growing up, going to school, doing all those Colorado things -- skiing, hiking.

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Eve, you are up for the next question.

Evelyn: Hello again Jensen. Where were you when you found out you won the coveted role of Eric, and who did you tell first?

Jensen Ackles: I was here in Los Angeles..when I found out, I think I called my roomate first -- and then I called my parents.

Lini: I knew he was in Colorado but could not remember with who, forgot about Marlena's parents, thanks for the update

Jensen Ackles: Anytime, Lini.

Evelyn: LOL Parents were a second!

Shannon: ;-) | of course, Eve! LOL!

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Mary, you have the next question.

Mary: Will u be on DOOL for awhile?

Jensen Ackles: I hope so!  I'll be on as long as you keep writing in.. the more letters the better!

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Sha, you are up next.

Shannon: ;-) | Jensen, if you could be any Deli sandwich, what kind would you be, and why?? ( I had to ask a silly question--they've all been too serious!! (HUSH, KEL! ) )

Kelly: rofl!


Shannon: ;-) | heehee!!

Lucy: ROFLMAO!!!

Evelyn: You are crazy Sha!

Kelly: well at least it wasn't a boxer's or briefs question :D

Evelyn: LOL

Shannon: ;-) | No, I was saving that question for YOU, Kel!

Lucy: LOL, Kel

Kelly: Meanie! :D

Mary: Hey Jenson

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Well, since you ask the question Kel.......

Stephanie [eDrive]: you stumped him Sha!

Kelly: LOL!

Jensen Ackles: That's a tough one..

Lucy: would you like to answer that one Jensen?

Shannon: ;-) | yeah, KEL, ya did!! LOL Steph!

Evelyn: LOL

Shannon: ;-) | aw, give it a shot, Jensen!!

Evelyn: Poor Jensen!

Kelly: Discerning minds wanna know :D

Evelyn: We have scared him!

Jensen Ackles: I'd be a fresh Turkey sandwich. Why? Because it's the first thing that came to my mind. Or maybe because I'm hungry.

Shannon: ;-) | ROFL!!!

Evelyn: ROFL! Good answer

Lucy: LOL, Jensen

Evelyn: ROFL! Good answer

Lucy: LOL, Jensen

Diane: Good answer! I love turkey!

Shannon: ;-) | Me too Diane!!

Stephanie [eDrive]: LOL Sha!

Shannon: ;-) | Okay, and which is it--> Boxers or Briefs???

Kelly: Shannon! ROFL

Jensen Ackles: Shannon: Briefs during the day, boxers when I go to sleep.

Evelyn: ROFL! There you go Sha!

Lucy: ROFL

Diane: ROFL Jensen!


Shannon: ;-) | ALL RIGHT!!! A Man who likes Both!! Thanks for answering that, Jensen! :-)

Marja: So much for formality . Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Mary: ROFL

Shannon: ;-) | ROFL Marja!

Mary: Kelly u really have a good sense of humor ROFL

Kelly: thank u Mary

Mary: No Problem! You're making me P- - in my pants!

Shannon: ;-) | ROFL!!Thanks for being such a good sport! ;-D

Yoko: Hi Jensen, you are really a breath of fresh air on DOOL. Now is Roman really Chris and is this another bad joke by Stephoenix??? Will Lucas turn

Jensen Ackles: I'm not really sure.. we'll just have to wait and see.

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Lucy, you have the next question.

Lucy: Like your sense of humor. Have you been involved with Stef?

Jensen Ackles: I'm not involved with Stefano...yet. Stay tuned!

Evelyn: Ah, a.....YET!

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Eve, you are next.

Evelyn: OH!

Caren: oh, don't say that,

Lucy: thanks, I will stay tuned

Evelyn: Do you have any clue what secret you have?

Caren: I hope you won't be involved with him!

Jensen Ackles: No, I have no clue.. I've even asked the producer, and he told me I will have to wait and see.

Evelyn: Don't you hate that!

Caren: I do,I really wanted to know what it is

Evelyn: Me too!

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Mary, you have the next question.

Mary: Do u have an address where we can write to you?

Stephanie [eDrive]: You can write to Jensen at: DAYS OF OUR LIVES c/o NBC 3000 West Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA 91523

Mary: Thank U Stephanie!!!!!!

Stephanie [eDrive]: Write to Jensen and tell him you were at his chat and he'll write back a real nice letter to you.

Mary: Thank u Steph! Your're a doll!

- Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Marja, you have the next question.

Marja: A lot of actors who have never done soaps look down their noses at the medium. How are you finding it? What do you particularly like, and what don't you like so much? What would you like to do next?

Stephanie [eDrive]: he just started Marja...why are you trying to have him move on

Jensen Ackles: Most of the people I talked to were excited for me when I got the part. I don't surround myself with people who think they're above soaps.

Marja: (sorry - that was not the intent of my question)

Jensen Ackles: It's not that I can't take criticism, it's just that I don't like to surround myself with stuck-up people.

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Jensen, there is a rumor floating around that your character is the father of baby Elvis (Susan's baby). Any insight??

Jensen Ackles: LOL -- that's the first for me! I haven't heard that one yet.

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Anything is possible on a soap!!!

Caren: neither have I where did you hear that?

Evelyn: Jensen, you must surf the boards!! Many rumors going on!

Stephanie [eDrive]: Jensen shared with us that he doesn't go on the computer but his mom and brother do!

Marja: What do you like best about your new job?

Jensen Ackles: Making new friends and working with other talented actors and actresses.

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: | Lini, you have the next question.

Lini: When you come into a role like this, one already created, do they have you read background on the character and the ones they will be playing with like Sami, Carrie, Marlena?

Jensen Ackles: They really didn't.. I had to figure it out for myself. I asked people.. Drake Hogestyn sat me down and gave me the history of the Brady clan. It was very helpful.

Lucy: Drake is sooo sweet

Caren: he is!

Lini: I bet because some times I think the fans remember more than the writers

Jensen Ackles: I think they do too, Lini.

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Mary, you have the next question

Mary: How old are u? Where you from?

Jensen Ackles: I'm 19, from Dallas TX

Caren: You are very cute,Jensen

Mary: I agree with you Caren.

Jensen Ackles: Thank you very much Caren

Lucy: a lot of us here are oldtimers, any time you have a question ask

Jensen Ackles: Will do, Lucy

Kelly: do u like older women? sorry

Jensen Ackles: I like all women in general

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Kel, you have the next question. Or was that older women question the question??

Evelyn: Good Answer Jensen!

Evelyn: ROFL Kelly!

Stephanie [eDrive]: LOL

Shannon: ;-) | Oh Kel!! PUH-LEEZ!

Kelly: well steph took my let me ask what do u think about cyberspace and would you enjoy coming to see us all again? :D

Evelyn: Good Question Kelly

Kelly: thanks eve!

Jensen Ackles: I think it's fun.. yeah, definitely!

Kelly: great!

Caren: cool

Evelyn: ::applause::::

Stephanie [eDrive]: we'll have him back anytime he wants to come!

Kelly: okay book him Danno

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Sha, you have the next question

Evelyn: ::more applause:::

Shannon: ;-) | I promise to be goot this time! Jensen, if you were offered any other part on DAYS, which would it be and why?

Jensen Ackles | Hmmmm....

Shannon: ;-) | oops!! goot=good!

Evelyn: ROFL

Kelly: LOL

Jensen Ackles: I think it would have to be John Black, because he's the knight in shining armor. I like his chivalrous character.

Evelyn: Another GREAT ANSWER Jensen!

Shannon: ;-) | Oh, that's kewl!! thanks for your answer, Jensen!

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Caren, you have the next question.

Caren: Would you ever choose to be a bad guy or do you like being a good guy?

Lucy: good role model Jensen, he does strawberry and whip creams scenes well

Evelyn: Lucy!!!

Jensen Ackles: I like being a good guy, but being evil could definitely be fun and different.

Evelyn: LOL

Lucy: sorry

Shannon: ;-) | ROFL Lucy!! and I thought I was the 'only' baaaad one here!

Evelyn: Sure you are!

Stephanie [eDrive]: You shared some info with him Lucy that he was not aware of! LOL!

Evelyn: ROFL

Evelyn: Now we have scared him!

Lucy: did I lose him

Stephanie [eDrive]: he's liking John Black more and more now

Evelyn: What stories he will have to tell at the set!

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Mary, you have the next question.

Mary: Jensen, do u have any future plans on being in a movie?

Jensen Ackles: Not yet, Mary, but hopefully soon.

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Diane, you have the next question.

Diane: got any hints for us for the coming weeks??? ;-)

Jensen Ackles: BIg changes.. lots of excitement!

Diane: Cool!!!

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Can you be specific, Jensen???>>

Diane: Pretty please??

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: With sugar on top.

Kelly: or whipped cream


Jensen Ackles: Be on the lookout for the Carrie-Austin-Sami storyline..

Evelyn: ROFL

Lucy: >Jensen is going to go to work asking Drake about the whipped crean and strawberries

Kelly: LOL Lucy

Stephanie [eDrive]: Remember that Jensen stated earlier that he is going to be in some scenes with Stefano

Evelyn: YOu are right Lucy!

Kelly: Eric will never think of mom the same way again

Evelyn: ROFL


Evelyn: Thanks for the reminder Steph

Diane: Maybe Stefano will find out his secret!

Lucy: must have been a naughty boy in CO

Evelyn: Leave it to him to find it out!

Lucy: something's got to open the door for Stef connection

Shannon: ;-) | Because time is getting away from us, we will close the queue, but please stay and enjoy the rest of the evening!

2qt2bstr8: If you could only act with one other actor - male or female - for the rest of your life...whom would you choose?

Evelyn: Good question 2

2qt2bstr8: evelyn.... thanks

Evelyn: YOu are welcome

Jensen Ackles: 2qt: Actress Meg Ryan, because she's just amazing -- and actor Harrison Ford, because he's just awesome, and he reminds me of my dad.

2qt2bstr8: I think most 19 year old males might choose Meg!

Stephanie [eDrive]: And for those that didn't know....Jensen's dad, Alan is an actor too!

Kelly: neat! he must be very proud of you Jensen

2qt2bstr8: Does the bad grammar on the show bother you at all? And, is it the writing or the actor's ad-libbing?

Jensen Ackles: The actors ad lib, but sometimes there is an occasional writing error.

Lini: thanks for coming and answering our endless questions Jensen

Evelyn: Good choices

Shannon:;-) | Eve, do you have a question?

Evelyn: Jensen, how long is your contract for?

Jensen Ackles: 3 years, Evelyn.

Shannon: ;-) | kewl, Jensen!

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Yea!!!!!

Evelyn: Great!! Looking forward to getting to know you!

Caren: cool

2qt2bstr8: I am sure the man who portrays Stephano is a nice have fun with him, Jensen

Diane: Hooray!

Dee [eHost/DAYS]: Mary, what's your question?

Mary: Jenson, how did u feel when u went to the audition for Days?

Jensen Ackles: Like I didn't have a chance in the world, knowing that they were casting out of LA, Chicago and NYC.

Caren: Jensen,would you like to play austin?

Evelyn: Wow!! How thrilled you must have been !

Jensen Ackles: Caren, I don't know.. I don't like talking to myself.

Kelly: LOL

Caren: LOL

Evelyn: ROFL

Stephanie [eDrive]: LOL!

Caren: lol

Shannon: ;-) | LOL!!

2qt2bstr8: Well.... I am in the French West Indies for 6 months and won't see you on the show until NOV...great luck and break a leg.

Jensen Ackles: Thank you very much 2qt!

Diane: Well, all the characters seem to talk to themselves in this show!

2qt2bstr8: ;)bon soir!

Caren: Eric doesn't

Dee [eSoap/DAYS]: LOL

Lucy: not yet

Evelyn: Yet

Diane: True, Lucy

Lucy: wait until his secret start to come out

Dee [eSoap/DAYS]: Will your character have a love interest??

Shannon: ;-) | I kinda think that DAYS should have a brother murdering his sister, don't you??

Evelyn: YOu keep doing what you are doing Jensen!! WE love you already!

Jensen Ackles: Gee, I can't wait

Kelly: LOL Sha

Lucy: Jamie's sould be coming back, interested?

Mary: I can't wait to see more of you in the coming months!

Dee [eSoap/DAYS]: Wait for the love interest or the murdering of the sister?

Caren: Jensen,I hope you have fun on the show and keep up the good work- I think he should kill Sami!

Jensen Ackles: I talked to the producer about that.. for right now, I'm going to be involved with some other storylines, but perhaps they will bring someone else in down the line.

Kelly: Yes, if you ever leave DAYS some day, Jensen, come to AMC your mom would love it

Jensen Ackles: Kelly, yes she would!

Diane: Or go to GH, that's where they all go! ;-)

Shannon: ;-) | I do too Caren!

Kelly: LOL Diane!

Lini: LOL Diane

Evelyn: True Diane!

Kelly: I would too :D

Shannon: ;-) | that would be interesting, wouldn't it, Diane?? ;-)

Dee [eSoap/DAYS]: Hey, Jensen. Can you do me a favor??

Evelyn: Uh-Oh! Beware Jensen!

Lucy: be good Dee


Shannon: ;-) |

Jensen Ackles: Dee, what??

Stephanie [eDrive]: behave Dee

Evelyn: LOL

Dee [eSoap/DAYS]: Can you give Josh Taylor a BIG WET KISS and tell him Dee in San Antonio sent ya!!!

Evelyn: DEE!!!!

Kelly: roflmao!

Caren: ohh

Shannon: ;-) | ROFL Dee!!

Lucy: we should have known it! ROLFM@O!

Diane: Oh my!

Stephanie [eDrive]: LOL Dee

Dee [eSoap/DAYS]: What can I say!!

Jensen Ackles: Dee, I will give him a hug!

Caren: you are great,Jensen!

Lucy: my computer is getting steamy again

Evelyn: She is over board for him Jensen!

Kelly: LOL

Dee [eSoap/DAYS]: OK, we Texans need to stick together!!!

Jensen Ackles: That's right (note southern accent). Texas Pride, baby!

Evelyn: LOL

Mary: Jensen, I just want say that you are great,and I look forward on seeing a lot of you.

Stephanie [eDrive]: Alright-- thanks everyone!

Evelyn: Thanks Jensen!

Caren: thanks Jensen

Kelly: Jensen thanks for joining us this evening! you've been a wonderful sport!

Dee [eSoap/DAYS]: | I'll pick a Yellow Rose for ya Hon!!!

Kelly: ::applause::

Lucy: Thanks so much Jensen, we had lots of fun

Dee [eSoap/DAYS]: We want to extend a special thanks to the incredible eDrive staff, who helped make this conference possible: Michael Bolanos [President & CEO], Stephanie Seplow, and Tonia Raebiger.

Also, we'd like to extend our thanks to Christa Ryan [Sysop], Kelly McGlynn [Forum Manager] DeLina Cruz ("Dee") [eSoap/DAYS Section Leader]//Host, Shannon Patton [eSoap/GL]//Queue Keeper, and Lini Federici [eSoap/GH] //Greeter. Entertainment Drive's eSoap Forum (GO ESOAPS or GO SOAPFORUM) is the preeminent place in cyberspace to talk about your favorite shows with other soap fans. You can also get the inside gossip on stars, download photos, and keep up-to-date on everything pertaining to daytime drama! Check out the biography and photos of our guest Jensen Ackles (and other DAYS stars) in Library 10. Download files Ackles.TXT, Ackles1.JPG, and Ackles2.JPG.

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